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.A Unique, Fun, Light-Hearted, Interactive Murder Mystery Dinner/Event full of Magic and Mentalism along with Spirited & Ghostly Mayhem!

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The Raleigh, NC Murder Mystery Dinner/Event with a Magical Twist!
by Kerry the Entertainer

This Murder Mystery Dinner/Event is perfect! Do you need an easy-to-do and delightfully light event for your group?  Full of fun, interactive (with no acting necessary), and no costumes required! Where no one is embarrassed, there is something for everyone, and the audience is the star of the show! This works well for lunch or dinner – or even standalone without a meal. The show will keep your audience engaged by combining a traditional Murder Mystery event with Magic, Mentalism (Mind Reading), Spirits, and comedy that adults will find thoroughly entertaining.

This IS NOT a kid’s show, and while the humor is for adults, it is inoffensive and “Corporate Clean”, but engaging enough for college students to the active elderly. Picture a light-hearted cross between “Murder, She Wrote”, “David Blaine”, and the Paranormal. It is the perfect corporate event that will be talked about and remembered.

I look forward to working with YOU and making YOUR event unforgettably successful and fun!

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The Murder Mystery Brief Description

Step into a world filled with intrigue, suspense, and the mystique of magic and paranormal. You find yourself immersed in a hilarious tale where the lines between illusion and reality blur. Join me on an engaging journey where the entertainer’s shocking disappearance unravels a web of secrets and suspicion. With each twist and turn, you become an integral part of the investigation, engaging in laughter, suspense, and mind-boggling magic. Brace yourself for a night of unforgettable entertainment that will leave your audience spellbound and create cherished memories for years to come.


In my programs, you won’t find a single off-color remark, four-letter word, or anything else even remotely objectionable. If you are unhappy or offended, you get my program for FREE. I personally feel it takes more skill to make people laugh with CLEAN humor…and my programs are VERY funny!


Get ready for a jaw-dropping experience at Murder by Magic -Live. What sets my programs apart is the lively participation of numerous volunteers. Prepare to witness your guests becoming fully engaged, utterly amazed, and truly empowered!


I’ve presented hundreds & hundreds of programs in many different situations, scalable for just a few people in a restaurant to hundreds of people in a banquet hall. I have different versions of my programs to fit anywhere.


I am confident that my exceptional programs at Murder by Magic -Live will captivate you and your esteemed guests. To show you just how certain I am, I back my words with action. If, by some rare chance, my program doesn’t surpass your expectations and leave you spellbound, not only will it be free, but I will also generously reward your company with $500. It’s almost impossible to find another presenter who not only offers a guarantee but is also committed to matching my unwavering dedication to your satisfaction.


All professionals are insured. Here is a link to my insurance. click here


With over 35 years of performing at corporate events across four countries, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every show. Rest assured, I always guarantee my work, but we’ll delve into the specifics of my guarantee shortly. Join me at Murder by Magic -Live for an unforgettable experience steeped in years of unparalleled professionalism.


At Murder by Magic -Live, I add a captivating twist to traditional magic “tricks.” Delving into the realm of mind reading and the paranormal (act), I specialize in mind illusions that amaze and entertain. Witness as I dig into the thoughts of your guests, allowing them to connect telepathically with me, with each other, and the paranormal. These mind-boggling demonstrations are delivered with a lighthearted touch, infused with witty narratives and delightful encounters that are sure to leave you in awe.


This is incredibly important. Many magicians and comedians enjoy showcasing themselves and mocking your guests for laughs. But not me! Who wants to feel embarrassed? Absolutely no one! That’s why, in Murder by Magic -Live, your participating guests will be the true STARS of the show. They will have a blast in a way that boosts their confidence and leaves them feeling amazing about themselves. And don’t worry, I might make a few funny blunders during the show, but the focus will always be on your guests’ enjoyment and not at their expense.


At Murder by Magic -Live, I believe in complete transparency when it comes to my pricing. With no hidden charges, my all-inclusive fee covers everything, including travel expenses. Unlike other murder mysteries where numerous actors pretend to be part of your group, my unique approach sets us apart. Prepare to be captivated by an unforgettable experience that goes beyond the norm.


“A special thank you and the highest of recommendations.” “We knew that we would have about 300 people from all around the world and that we needed to have a “fun element” in our two-day finance conference, but that was all. About a month before the conference… we provided him a brief background on what the audience would consist of, and he left. That evening we had an e-mail providing us with three options that he felt would work. Interestingly enough, he also suggested the middle-priced option as the one he felt would work best. He was right, his suggestions were amazing. He even helped us to understand our own global audience, knowing what may cause concerns with different religions and cultures. For a group of 300 accountants, we had a wonderful time. He had a surprise entrance at the beginning of the day with a 15-minute skit, offered 1:1 magic throughout the day, and ended with a magnificent 60- minute skit that concluded our conference. It was everything that we could have hoped it would be. A special thank you and the highest of recommendations.” -Kristina Nickerson Corning, Inc., Elmira, NY


“The show ended up exceeding our expectations.” “We were a little nervous about the show. Unsure what to expect. The show ended up exceeding our expectations. Cris was very professional. He did a very clean and non-offensive show. It was fun for everyone including those hypnotized. We are looking forward to another show.” -Angela Miller Killbuck Savings Bank, Berlin, OH


“…lots of fun!” “We had a great time and are still trying to figure out how you read our minds with such accuracy. Thanks again, it was lots of fun!” – Paula Miller Nanomat, Inc., North Huntingdon, PA


“Outstanding!” “Your performance was outstanding! Thank you again for your wonderful performance, and we look forward to dealing with you in the future.” -Kathy Scandinaro Westinghouse Nuclear Services, PA


“… a high-quality entertainer… deserves top scores for his recent engagement as part of the “Summer Magic” event held at Westminster Village. The entire process [from resume presentation, e-mail response, booking, event logistics, props, stage presence and performance content] was handled in a professional and timely manner. … tailored each of three performances to fit the variations in audience demographics. He presented an extremely audience friendly and entertaining show. Cris worked hard to determine the specific atmosphere desired for the event and tailored his program to meet the various needs of the day long event…” -Jan Cockrell, Westminster Village, Terre Haute, IN


“…perfect blend of humor and surprises…” “You had the perfect blend of humor and surprises that fit perfectly into our eclectic bunch. I look forward to working with you again in future special events sponsored by Magnetek.” – Tassie Lucidi, Magnetek-Innovative Power Solutions, Pittsburgh, PA


“…a tremendous show!” “Your walk around sleight of hand magic impressed everyone and your stage show kept everyone sitting at the edge of their seats! Thanks again for a tremendous show! We hope to see you perform again!” – Chris Bushik, The Home Depot, Greensburg, PA


“…absolutely fantastic…” “I want to take this opportunity to thank you for an absolutely fantastic show! Your show was the highlight of the evening, and I would not hesitate to recommend you for any party or meeting.” – Robert Duchin, President, Robert J. Duchin & Associates, Ltd. Certified Estate Planner, Pittsburgh, PA


“…we here at REPUBLIC WASTE SERVICES would highly recommend you.” “For trade shows, parties, or any type of event that is looking for a performer to send a message to potential customers, not just to entertain, but to entertain with a specific agenda, we here at REPUBLIC WASTE SERVICES would highly recommend you.” -Tim Mikos, Republic Waste Service, Elizabeth, PA

About Kerry The Entertainer

While in college he was introduced to performing magic and hypnotism. and within a year he was performing professionally.

At 26, Kerry was struck with a debilitating disease, Treatment-Resistant Major Depressive Disorder. It was a dominant factor in his life for 30 years. The only thing that could lift the fog of depression was performing, and his wife. Thankfully he tried ketamine under a doctor’s supervision and fully recovered. He is considered a “Super Responder”, and while most people get some help from ketamine, Kerry was affected immediately and fully – truly one-in-a-million, he is told.

Kerry has performed stage illusions to close-up magic, a dove act, bed-of-nails, fire eating, underwater escapes, stage hypnotism shows, exotic animal shows, and worked as a DJ. He has had small roles in 3 movies.

Kerry lives with his wife who is a bankruptcy attorney, his autistic son, 3 dogs, 2 large parrots, 2 bunnies, a bearded dragon, a saltwater fish tank, a freshwater fish tank, and a tarantula – a small zoo.

MurderByMagic.Live – – Kerry Cameron – (919) 980-5437 – 8019 Atamasco Circle, Raleigh, NC 27616